Linux Server Administration

Course Description
SFT 301 focuses on providing an in­depth knowledge in Linux/Unix concepts and tools using both the graphical interface and command line. The course structure is designed to provide a solid foundation in Linux along with extensive hands­on­experience. The participants will learn the basics of Linux System Administration.

Anyone who wants to make a career in Linux should take this course. Familiarity to IT world and computers is beneficial. No familiarity with Linux or other Unix operating systems is required.


Linux Administration Fundamentals(LAF) ­ Module 1

  • SFT Orientation
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Explore Basic Linux commands & GUI
  • Accessing Help in Linux
  • Linux Filesystem Management
  • Text Editing & Processing In Linux
  • Linux User & Group Management
  • Linux Filesystem Permissions & Security
  • Playing with Linux Processes
  • Services & Daemons in Linux
  • Managing Linux partitions
  • Managing RAID, LVM
  • Concept of Inode and Links
  • Linux Log Management For Monitoring & Disaster Recovery
  • Basic Linux Backup Tools
  • Job Scheduling, Printing & Messaging
  • Booting Process in Linux & Troubleshooting
  • OS Installation & Virtualization

Linux Administration Fundamentals(LAF) ­ Module 2

  • Linux Networking
  • Software/Package Management in Linux
  • Remote System Management
  • Advanced Linux Security
  • Network Teaming & Bridging
  • Centralized User Administration in Linux
  • Mail servers in Linux
  • Web servers in Linux
  • File­sharing servers in Linux
  • Storage server Configuration
  • Database Management in Linux
  • Bash Shell Scripting

Duration : 90 hours

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