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For Fosters, server management and customer support is not a job, but a passion. We are here as we enjoy what we do. Team Fosters focus on creative and result-driven solutions for startups to large enterprises. Open 24/7 we will never compromise on quality. Server Fosters provide Remote Server Administration, Server Security, Technical Support, Linux and Windows Server Management and a lot more services that help your servers stand by you at all times.

Server Fosters offers Award-winning support for both individuals and enterprises.
Team Fosters provide 24/7 support for your queries via Telephone, Live Chat and Email. We also provide Round-the-clock administration support for your Unix/Linux servers. We treat customers as partners and focus on personal customer care. We provide not just ‘tech’ support, but ‘people’ support.

The quality of support is one of the most important features of our Support Team. Have an urgent 4am request? Don’t panic!! Fosters Support team will be always there to help you. Be assured that you are best taken care of. Feel free to contact us any day, any night, including holidays. We will respond within an hour,no matter what. Team Fosters ensures to keep your infrastructure running.
Our team of Tech advisors provide quick fixes, smart advice and ongoing support. What we offer is our best. And, we promise you that we will do what we are best at.
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Top Features of our Server Management Service

  • Round-the-clock Support : Dedicated servers always include 24/7 support. Our support team ensures to keep your infrastructure running.
  • All-round Coverage : We support all major hardware vendors and operating systems.
  • Guaranteed SLA : All our services are based on Service Legal Agreements.
  • High Performance : Our proactive support predict the performance degradation and capacity issues.

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